BabyJoy Culotte Diaper Size Medium / Large / Junior / Junior XXL

BabyJoy Culotte Diaper

Best protection filled with fun

Babies enjoy movement at all times. As they grow, diaper changing does not remain easy. BabyJoy culotte is designed to make the diaper changing experience enjoyable for mom and baby.

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6(Jr XXL)

Size Chart & Specifications

Pants type

Weight Product Baby Stage

BabyJoy Culotte Diaper (Medium Size)

Rolls over SitsUp

Rolls over / SitsUp

BabyJoy Culotte Diaper (Large Size)



BabyJoy Culotte Diaper (Junior Size)

Can stand up Can walk

Can stand up / Can walk

BabyJoy Culotte Diaper (Junior XXL Size)

Become bigger(training period)

Become bigger(training period)


Weight 6-12kg
Baby Stage
  • Rolls over SitsUp
Pack Size Saving 12
Jumbo 48
Mega 60


Weight 10-18kg
Baby Stage
  • Crawls
Pack Size Saving 11
Jumbo 44
Mega 56


Weight 15-22kg
Baby Stage
  • Can stand up Can walk
Pack Size Saving 9
Jumbo 36
Mega 44

Size:6(Jr XXL)

Weight 16kg~
Baby Stage
  • Become bigger(training period)
Pack Size Saving 8
Jumbo 32
Mega 40

How to Put on a Pants Style Diaper

Step 1

Step 1

After checking which side is the front, put BabyJoy Pants on your baby as you would ordinary underwear. Stretch the pants to make enough room for baby's legs to go through both openings one at a time.

Step 2

Step 2

Pull up the pants to around your child's waist to ensure that there are no gaps at the top of the legs.

Step 3

Step 3

Check that the waistband gather and leg gathers are not folded in.

Easy to Change diaper

BabyJoy culotte with a Soft & comfortable stretch waistband makes diaper changing as easy like wearing underwear.

BabyJoy culotte with a Soft & comfortable

Cotton touch

Cotton touch

BabyJoy culotte features new softer material which is gentle to the baby skin and are a cotton touch to keep your baby comfortable at all times.

All Around Stretch

BabyJoy culotte is comfortable and fits baby’s body and does not leave diaper marks.

All Around Stretch